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Writing again

I used to write on the web, a lot.

The last time I had a personal site was in 2006, where I had just spent the previous year backpacking around the world.

After that, life started moving real fast, and web 2.0 turned into whatever it is we have now (with various stages along the way).

As I'm starting with a personal page again, I'll note some things, not all at once today, but over time, that are way different than the way they were before.

If only for my own benefit but maybe some of the youngsters will see how good things were.

On a positive note, I'm seeing undercurrents on the web today that are pointing us, at least a little bit, back toward some of the good things we had then. These include things like self-hosting, decentralization, an emphasis on creativity at the individual level, and business models that don't requires tens of millions of dollars in VC.

And there is a lot more. That's all for now, just had to get this post out.