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Some links

I have a habit of keeping hundreds of tabs open at a time that I'm trying to kick. One way I want to do that going forward is to actually share the interesting looking ones here so that I can a) easily find them again and b) share them with a wider audience.

First, this thread on interesting data structures.

Djisktra's essay "On the foolishness of 'natural language programming'."

This thread led me to read this piece and now I want to see what this was all about and check out the "newer" version.

This thread about a text-first RSS reader has me intrigued because of a project I am working on.


HN thread on Attempto Controlled English

Microsoft's Guidance - "A guidance language for controlling large language models."

HN thread on Haystack

HN thread on Haystack Agents

Tolkien on Fairy Stories.

HN thread on Simon Willison's LLM pattern to resist prompt injection.

Heidegger's Question Concerning Technology

Heidegger's The Origin of the Work of Art

Yes, I know Heidegger is problematic but I've been told to read these regardless.

Brex's Prompt Engineering Guide

Universal adaptive strategy theory

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

Crafting Interpreters

HN thread: What are the most eye-opening textbooks you've read?

How the world's best companies build unbeatable focus

LLM Bootcamp



Let's build ChatGPT from scratch. In code, spelled out.

You can probably guess which site I visit the most.